Many consultants can help you with the portion of your business that is visible to your customers: store appearance, product choices and customer service. But what about the behind-the-scene requirements it takes to open and operate a profitable specialty coffee business: negotiating the best lease, choosing the right equipment and having a properly trained staff who can wow your customers with the perfect latte every time.
The Jaguar Club Coffee University's expertise can help make your business profitable.
The JC Coffee University is the only coffee business consulting company that can give you 100% of what you need: from creating your initial business plan, to choosing a winning concept, to setting up your on-going operational systems after you've opened your doors. We can make your business one of our success stories.
No other coffee business consulting company has our experience in China.
Our team includes the most trusted names in the coffee industry with over 75 years of combined experience.

There's more than one way to train your barista
Whether you are a new start-up business who wants your baristas to serve perfect beverages on opening day or an existing retailer who wants to increase the quality of the drinks you already serve, The Jaguar Club Coffee University is the only coffee consulting company that offers you numerous ways to meet your specific training needs.
On-Site Barista Training
The Jaguar Club Coffee University's on-site barista training combines your staff, your equipment and our experts in a real-time training environment that allows your team to build camaraderie and confidence as well as the technical skills they need to make the perfect latte or cappuccino every time.
Our expert instructors will also help your staff develop a deeper understanding of coffee, which in turn will increase their self-confidence when dealing with your customers. Our instructors are coffee industry professionals or barista champions who are keenly aware of how superior drink quality results in satisfied customers who return again and again for that special coffee experience.
1-10 employees.